Australian Open 2024 Draws and Live Streaming [Confirmed]

Before the start of any tennis event, draws are the most interesting process/event that fans always keens to took eye at. In the draws, tennis follows get to know who is going to face who in the early rounds. To some extent, one can conclude the tentative semi-finalist and finalist at this stage.

In case of Australian Open 2024, the tournament’s singles draw is conducted during a special event at Margaret Court Arena on Wednesday 10 January, 2024. Entry to this event is free, however tickets are required.

Australian Open 2024 Full Entry List

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Men’s Singles Round 1 Fixtures & Results

128 competitors including 16 qualifiers and eight wildcards.

Women’s Singles Round 1 Fixtures & Results

128 competitors including 12 qualifiers and eight wildcards.

Men’s Doubles

64 pairs, including up to seven wildcards.

Women’s Doubles

64 pairs, including up to seven wildcards.

Mixed Doubles

32 pairs, including up to eight wildcards.

Wheelchair Singles

8 competitors, including one wildcard.

Quad Wheelchair Singles

4 competitors, round-robin competition.

Quad Wheelchair Doubles

2 teams.

When are 2024 Aus Open Draws?

Aus Open 2024 Draws are expected to be on Wednesday 10th January 2024. Stay tuned for confirmed date.

How are Aus Open Draws Decided?

Aus Open draws works in a way as to provide equal opportunities to all the upcoming tennis stars in the event. However, this is not that simple as straight forward. The committee has to take decisions on the basis as to keep the event interested and captivating for viewers.

The top players are thus placed in a way, so they are not expected to be eliminated in the early rounds and last till the end. Of course, the committee’s intent is to keep the event alive till the last round and generate huge viewership to feed Aus Open Prize money.

This Grand Slam event Australian Open have 128-player singles draws. There will be 32 seeds in each draw and they will be drawn so none of them can face each other until at least the third round.

For example, if in Australian Open 2024, Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic met in early rounds, the tournament will not remain interesting and will loss a high viewership earlier.

While listing down the players, their ATP/WTA rankings are taken into account where the top seeded players are segregated in different brackets.

In Australian Open 2024, 16 players are going to be there on the main draw. So, those who want to be in the main draw must have 3 wins in a row in earlier rounds of the tournament.

Who are the Top Seeded Players in Australian Open 2024?

Top seeded players are decided on the basis of ATP/WTA rankings and other complex ranking points. It is something that a lay man won’t like to get into it. All you must be looking for the live stream of AO 2024, so just enjoy it.

The final top seeds list for the Australian Open is not out yet; however, it will be update as soon as it is available on the official website.

Where to Live Stream Aus Open 2024 Draws Online?

While landing on this guide, I am not sure where do you belongs to. So here I am sharing a universal guide to live stream 2024 Australian Open Draws. If you are in Australia you can live stream by following this guide.

Subscribe to a VPN.

Install it on your devices.

Launch the app and set your location to the country whose broadcaster you want to access. All draws are available on 9Now. So i recommends to connect to the Australian server.

After setting the location to Australian server, signup/sign in to the 9Now.

Enjoy Australian Open 2024 Draws live streaming.