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Casper Rudd Australian Open Record and 2024 Match Schedule

Casper Ruud is a Norwegian professional tennis player. Ruud has a career-high singles rating of world No. 2, which he attained on September 12, 2022, making him the highest-ranked Norwegian in history. He has won 10 ATP Tour singles titles and finished runner-up in three Grand Slams (the 2022 French Open, the 2022 US Open, and the 2023 French Open) as well as the 2022 ATP Finals.

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But we don’t have to give much on Casper’s tennis career; we are concerned about his only record in the Australian Open.

When is Casper Rudd’s Next Match in the Australian Open?

Australian Open draws are yet to be announced so it will be before time to announce his tentative Australian Open 2024 Rival. The information will be updated here as soon as it is updated on the official AO website.

Will Casper Rudd Play in Australian Open 2024, Injury Status Updated

25-year-old tennis start will definitely be playing in AO 2024. Fortunately, he has not had any injuries so far. The main issues lie with his current form, not his physical health.

Casper Rudd’s Australian Open Record Over the Years

Since 2019, Casper took part in 2 Australian Open events. His best performance came out in 2021 when he finished in the 2nd round. His total win percentage in AO is as low as 33%.

Tournament20192020202120222023SRW–LWin %
Australian OpenA1R2RAA0 / 21–233%

Additionally, his overall performance in hard counts is not significant. At the start of October 2021, Ruud won his first-ever hardcourt tournament and his fifth tour-leading tournament of the year at the San Diego Open. He was also runner-up in the US Open 2022, played on a hard count surface.

However, his performance on the clay count in recent years is very good, as he finished as the runner-up in the French Open 2022 and 2023.

Who can beat Casper Rudd in 2024 Australian Open

As far as the current form of this young champ is concerned, Casper Rudd is not believed to be the strongest contender for this event. However, he can be a huge hurdle to the tennis Gods, including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev.


How many times has Casper Rudd been a finalist at the Australian Open?

He has never been the finalist at Australian Open 2024 while his best performance came in 2021 where he made it through the 2nd round.

Has Casper Rudd ever won the Australian Open in doubles?

No, Casper Rudd is primarily known for his singles achievements. He has not won the Australian Open in doubles.

How does Casper Rudd’s Australian Open record compare to his performances at other Grand Slam tournaments?

Casper Rudd’s Australian Open record is, to be honest, bad, but he has historically performed well at the US Open 2022 where he was runner-up against Carlos Alcaraz Garfia. The Australian Open is considered one of his most challenging Grand Slam tournaments due to the hard court surface, and Rudd has only one runner-up status on hard courts.

Who are some of Casper Rudd’s notable rivals at the Australian Open?

Casper Rudd has had memorable matches against players like Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz Garfia.

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