Watch 2024 NHL Finals Stanley Cup on Smart TV

Watching the Stanley Cup Finals online on a Smart TV has become increasingly convenient with the availability of various streaming services. Platforms such as DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and offer live streaming of NHL finals, allowing viewers to enjoy the action-packed games from the comfort of their living rooms.

By accessing these services through the respective apps available on Smart TVs, hockey enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the excitement of the Stanley Cup Finals with high-quality video and audio directly on their television screens.

DirecTV Stream Pricing and Packages

To watch the NHL Finals online on DirecTV Stream, you can make use of the service’s convenient five-day free trial period, providing access to TNT for live streams of the Stanley Cup Final games. Following the trial period, viewers can opt for the Choice package, priced at $84.99 per month, which includes TNT among its extensive lineup of over 100 channels.

This package serves as a comprehensive option for streaming the NHL Finals online, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action. Furthermore, DirecTV Stream offers a variety of regional sports networks (RSNs) with its Choice package or higher tiers, which can be particularly beneficial for watching in-market NHL teams compete.

While DirecTV Stream may be priced higher than other streaming alternatives, its wide range of channels and access to key sports networks make it a compelling choice for avid hockey enthusiasts. Before subscribing, it’s important to carefully consider your specific viewing preferences and budget to ensure DirecTV Stream aligns with your needs.

Sling TV Pricing and Packages

To watch the NHL Finals online through Sling TV, you have several package options to choose from, each offering access to the games via TNT. The Sling Orange package, priced at $35 per month, includes channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and TNT, providing coverage of the NHL Finals.

Alternatively, the Sling Blue package also costs $35 per month and features TNT among its lineup, although it does not include ESPN. However, Sling Blue offers additional channels such as local FOX and NBC channels, which can be advantageous for catching other sports events.

For those seeking a more comprehensive option, the Sling Orange + Blue package, priced at $50 per month, combines the channels from both Sling Orange and Sling Blue, ensuring access to all NHL Finals games as well as a broader selection of sports content.

Additionally, Sling TV offers an enticing deal for new subscribers, providing 50% off the first month of any Sling tier, making it an affordable and accessible option for hockey fans looking to stream the NHL Finals online.

Hulu + Live TV Pricing and Packages Explained

To catch all the thrilling action of the NHL Finals, you can rely on Hulu + Live TV as your go-to streaming service. With a subscription priced at $69.99 per month, Hulu + Live TV offers an extensive array of over 85 live TV channels, ensuring you never miss a moment of the Stanley Cup Finals. Among these channels are ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, and TNT, the primary broadcasters of the NHL Finals.

This comprehensive coverage allows you to tune in to all the key matchups and pivotal moments of the championship series. Furthermore, Hulu + Live TV grants access to Hulu’s vast on-demand library, providing even more entertainment options beyond live sports. Pricing Explained

To watch the NHL Finals online via, fans have the option to subscribe to the service, which typically requires an annual fee. In the past, this annual subscription has been priced at $109.99, granting users access to a plethora of out-of-market games, including the highly anticipated Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals. For those who prefer a more flexible payment plan, also offers a monthly subscription option, which has previously been available for $24.99 per month.

It’s essential to bear in mind that blackout restrictions may apply when using These restrictions could impact the availability of Stanley Cup Finals games on the platform, particularly for viewers located within the broadcast region of participating teams. However, for fans located outside of these blackout zones, provides a convenient and comprehensive way to stream the NHL Finals and enjoy all the thrilling action of hockey’s ultimate showdown.

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