How to Watch Australian Open 2024 Online in France

Eurosport Player, Discovery+ and Amazon Prime are the best options to live stream Australian Open online in France. However, the French commentary for Australian open is not confirmed on Eurosport Player, so it may take a while and we will update on this article.

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If you’re an avid tennis fan in France, you may eagerly anticipate the upcoming Australian Open 2024. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on the action, as there are various ways to watch the tournament online.

One of the most reliable options is Eurosport, a renowned sports broadcasting network that covers a wide range of sporting events, including tennis. With Eurosport, you can stream all the exhilarating matches of the Australian Open 2024 from the comfort of your own home.

In this guide, we will explore the steps to access Eurosport’s online streaming service and enjoy the thrilling tennis action as it unfolds in Melbourne.

Eurosport Player

Eurosport Player is a popular online streaming service with extensive sports material, including live broadcasts, highlights, and original programming. Fans of tennis, notably the Australian Open, will enjoy Eurosport Player’s coverage of this year’s competition.

Watch Aus Open Online on Eurosport

Eurosport’s Coverage of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament

The Australian Open receives the same level of coverage on Eurosport as any other tennis tournament. The Australian Open will be broadcast on Eurosport Player, including live matches, expert analysis, player interviews, and highlights.

Package Deals and Rates for Eurosport Players

Watch AO Online on EuroSport Player
Watch AO Online on EuroSport Player

Compatible Devices for Eurosport Players

The Australian Open and other sporting events can be viewed on the go with Eurosport Player thanks to its compatibility with various devices. Eurosport Player is available on desktops, portables, mobile devices, and tablets, so you can watch your favorite sports whenever and wherever you like. Eurosport Player is also compatible with many streaming devices, so you can watch on your TV without interruptions.

Access Discovery+ Online in France

The Australian Open is one of many sporting events covered in depth by Discovery+, a popular streaming service. What follows is a rundown of Discovery’s tennis programming.

Watch the Australian Open on Discovery+

The Australian Open is a major tennis tournament that receives substantial coverage on Discovery+. Watch spectacular tennis matches live, as well as highlights, expert analysis, player interviews, and more behind-the-scenes information.

Package Deals and Pricing

Discovery+ has multiple pricing tiers to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Among the possible plans are:

The first tier, Discovery+ (Ad Supported), is $7.99 monthly. Advertising is interspersed throughout Discovery+ material, which includes tennis coverage.

Watch AO Online on Discovery Plus
Watch AO Online on Discovery Plus

Discovery+ Premium is the better option if you want to avoid commercials. For $10.99 a month or $109.99 a year, you can watch all your favourite sports, including the Australian Open, live and uninterrupted.

Watch AO Online on Discovery Plus
Watch AO Online on Discovery Plus

Which Discovery+ subscriptions include Eurosport

Discovery+ provides access to Eurosport, a premier sports network. Discovery+ members may watch Eurosport’s complete coverage of the Australian Open and other sporting events. The Eurosport channel on Discovery+ will broadcast all the tournament’s exciting action, commentary, and drama.

Discovery+ Compatible devices

Discovery+ works on various devices, making watching the tennis matches at the Australian Open easy. You only need a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, streaming device, or web browser to watch Discovery+ on the go. Discovery+ offers convenient viewing options whether you’re on the road or relaxing at home.

Watch AO Open online on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service that offers various video materials, including movies, television episodes, documentaries, and sports broadcasts (such as tennis). Learn more about Amazon Prime Video’s Australian Open coverage below.

Watch AO Online on Amazon Prime Video
Watch AO Online on Amazon Prime Video

The Australian Open on Amazon Prime Video

The Australian Open can be watched in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video. Immerse yourself in the exciting tennis action with live streaming, on-demand replays, highlights, player interviews, and unique behind-the-scenes information.

Costs and Variable Bundles

If you can watch Amazon Prime Video and have an Amazon Prime membership, youse are many pricing options:

The first 30 days of Amazon Prime, including Prime Video, are free for new subscribers. After the free trial ends, monthly payments of $14.99 are required.

Watch Aus Open online on Discovery Plus
Watch Aus Open online on Discovery Plus

Under What Package Eurosport is available on Amazon Prime Video

The popular sports network Eurosport can be added to an Amazon Prime membership. The Australian Open is just one of several Eurosport Player sporting events subscribers can view. This additional membership grants access to Eurosport’s extensive tennis coverage on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Amazon Prime Video Device Compatibility

Thanks to Amazon Prime Video’s compatibility, you can watch the Australian Open and other shows on any of your devices. Amazon Prime Video is accessible via mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming players, and online browsers. Thanks to this compatibility, you can enjoy the tournament, whether at home or on the go.

Final Words

In conclusion, for viewers in France who want to watch the Australian Open 2024 online, Eurosport is the go-to option. As a renowned sports broadcasting network, Eurosport extensively covers significant tournaments, including tennis events like the Australian Open.

With their reliable streaming services and comprehensive commentary, Eurosport ensures that tennis enthusiasts in France can witness all the tournament’s thrilling moments from their devices’ convenience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of the Australian Open 2024 with Eurosport as your trusted streaming partner.


Can I watch Eurosport on multiple devices?

Yes, Eurosport offers multi-device support, allowing you to watch the Australian Open on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Does Eurosport offer additional features or content related to the Australian Open?

Eurosport often provides additional features and content related to the Australian Open, such as player interviews, expert analysis, highlights, and behind-the-scenes coverage. They aim to enhance the Tennis fans’ viewing experience and provide comprehensive tournament coverage.

Are there any free options to watch the Australian Open online in France?

Eurosport typically requires a subscription to access its online streaming service. However, they may occasionally offer free trials or promotional periods. It’s advisable to check their website or official announcements for any free options available during the Australian Open.

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