Can I Watch Australian Open on EuroSport

As tennis enthusiasts eagerly await the Australian Open 2024, the question on many minds is whether they can catch the Grand Slam action on Eurosport. The good news is, yes, you can! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various ways you can watch the Australian Open on Eurosport, covering channels, apps, subscription plans, and more.

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Channels and Platforms

Eurosport offers multiple channels for viewers to enjoy the Australian Open 2024:

Eurosport 1

Sky Channel: 410

BT Channel: 435

Virgin Channel: 521

Eurosport 2

Sky Channel: 411

BT Channel: 436

Virgin Channel: 522

These channels ensure that you have ample coverage of the tournament, with live matches, commentary, and analysis.

Online Streaming

For those on the go or without access to traditional TV channels, Eurosport provides online streaming options:

Eurosport App

Access the Australian Open on the go via the Eurosport app, available for download on various devices.

Stream the matches directly from the Eurosport website, offering convenience for desktop and laptop users.

Third-Party Apps

Sky Sports App

Watch Eurosport through the Sky Sports app, enhancing your streaming options. For Sky customers, Eurosport is available through the Sky Sports subscription, priced at an additional £18 per month on top of the Sky Signature bundle.

Discovery Plus

Eurosport is accessible through the Discovery Plus app, opening up additional avenues for watching the Australian Open.

Standard Plan ($4.99/month): Unlimited access to real-life entertainment with limited ads.

Premium Plan (Ad-Free, $8.99/month): Enjoy all of discovery+ without ads, including Eurosport.

Both plans include the same content and are available on all supported devices. If you have Amazon Prime Video, you can add Eurosport via Discovery Plus as a subscription. The ‘Entertainment & Sport’ subscription is £6.99 per month.

Virgin Media Stream: Virgin Media Stream users can enjoy Eurosport at their convenience through this platform. Eurosport is available at no extra cost to Virgin Media customers, providing added value for existing subscribers.

TNT Sport App: Access Eurosport and the Australian Open via the TNT Sport app, broadening your streaming choices.

Final Words

With a myriad of channels, online platforms, and subscription options, watching the Australian Open on Eurosport is a breeze. Whether you prefer the traditional TV experience or the flexibility of online streaming, Eurosport has you covered. Choose the method that suits your preferences and catch all the thrilling moments of the Australian Open 2024. Game, set, match—enjoy the action!


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