Can I Watch Australian Open on Amazon Prime Video

No, for this year the Australian Open is not available on Amazon Prime Video. However you can go for alternatives including the EuroSport, Discovery Plus and 9NOW.

The excitement surrounding the Australian Open 2024 is palpable, with tennis enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the Grand Slam showdown. If you’re wondering whether you can catch all the action on Amazon Prime Video, we have the lowdown for you. While Amazon Prime Video doesn’t hold the rights to broadcast the Australian Open, fear not, as there are alternative avenues to ensure you don’t miss a single volley.

Live Stream Australian Open on 9Now for Free with CyberGhost VPN.

Step-1: Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN.

Step-2: Download and Install the VPN on your Mobile/Laptop or whatever device you have.

Step-3: Launch the CyberGhost VPN and choose the Australian server. 

Step-4: Now, go to 9Now Website or Install the App from Google App Store.

Step-5: Sign up for free.

Step-6: Enjoy unlimited free streaming of Australian Open anywhere in the world.

Note: If you are outside Australia you can't access 9Now or Channel 9 due to geo-restriction. CyberGhost VPN enables you access the website no matter what part of the world you are.


Watch Australian Open Free
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Amazon Prime Video Limitations

First things first – Amazon Prime Video does not have the rights to stream the Australian Open. If you were counting on this platform, you might need to explore other options to keep up with the intense matches and tournament highlights.

Watch Australian Open without Amazon Prime Video

Fortunately, there are alternative platforms that cater to tennis enthusiasts, providing an excellent viewing experience for the Australian Open and beyond. One standout option is EuroSport, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of Grand Slam events. Let’s delve into the details of these alternatives.


EuroSport stands out as a prime destination for tennis aficionados. Offering not only live streaming of the Australian Open but coverage of all Grand Slam events, EuroSport ensures you’re never out of the loop. With two monthly plans to choose from, EuroSport accommodates varying preferences:

Standard Monthly Plan (7GBP/mo): This plan provides access to a plethora of sporting events, including the Australian Open, ensuring you stay abreast of all the thrilling moments.

Premium Plan (30GBP/mo): For the ultimate tennis enthusiast, the premium plan offers an elevated viewing experience with additional features and exclusive content.

Discovery Plus

Another viable alternative is Discovery Plus, offering a budget-friendly option for tennis fans:

Discovery Plus (7GBP/mo ad-free): This plan not only includes coverage of the Australian Open but also a diverse range of content across various genres. An ad-free experience ensures an uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Watch for Free on 9NOW – The Catch with VPN

For those seeking a cost-free option, 9NOW, an Australian streaming platform, allows viewers to watch the Australian Open for free. However, there’s a catch – a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required.

Why a VPN?

9NOW, being an Australian platform, restricts access to users outside Australia. A VPN helps you overcome this hurdle by masking your actual location and making it appear as though you’re accessing the platform from within Australia. This allows you to enjoy the Australian Open without any geographical constraints.

Final Words

While Amazon Prime Video may not be your go-to for the Australian Open 2024, the world of online streaming offers various alternatives to ensure you catch every serve, volley, and match point. EuroSport, Discovery Plus, and even 9NOW with the aid of a VPN, open up avenues for an immersive tennis-watching experience. So, get ready to witness the Grand Slam spectacle – the courts are set, and the action awaits!


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