What Streaming Apps Can I Watch 2024 UEFA Euro in Italy Online

Sky Sports and RAI Play are Italy’s top two apps to live stream UEFA Euro 2024 online. You must use a VPN to get free Italian IP if you are outside the Italian region. It lets you switch your location virtually to any place in the world, allowing you access to any streaming app you want. Note that you will still need a subscription to stream the content on apps.

Go through the detailed guide on how you can live stream UEFA Euro 2024 Online in Italy.

2024 UEFA Euro in RAI Play (Italy)

RAI Play emerges as the go-to digital platform for football enthusiasts eager to catch the thrilling UEFA Euro 2024 matches in Italy. What makes it even more appealing is that it comes at no cost, allowing viewers to enjoy the UEFA Euro 2024 matches without the need for a subscription fee.

The live streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 on RAI Play is not limited to Italy alone. Viewers outside Italy can also partake in the football extravaganza by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The process involves selecting a reputable VPN service, connecting to an Italian server, and gaining an Italian IP address. This allows individuals worldwide to enjoy RAI Play’s content library as if they were in Italy, provided they have a fast internet connection.

For those seeking to access RAI Play for free, the process is straightforward. By visiting the official RAI Play website and either registering for a free account or logging in, viewers can enjoy free content for seven days.

This includes a diverse range of programs, news, and some sports content, offering a taste of RAI Play’s offerings without any financial commitment. However, it’s worth noting that RAI Play does not offer DVR storage functionality, so users can’t record and save live broadcasts for later viewing.

Sky Go Italy to Stream UEFA Euro 2024

Just like RAI Play, you can also live stream UEFA Euro on Sky Go App. Sky Go is also available for Italian market.

The pricing structure for Sky Go varies based on region and the chosen subscription plan, adding another layer of flexibility for viewers worldwide. In the United States, the standard Sky Go plan, available to non-Sky customers, is priced at approximately US$18.32 per month (GB£15 per month).

For those seeking additional features, the Sky Go Extra plan, allowing offline viewing of content, comes at a higher cost, reaching approximately US$48.84 per month (GB£40 per month).

In the United Kingdom, Sky Go offers a unique arrangement. It is free for Sky TV subscribers, providing them the opportunity to stream live and on-demand content on up to two compatible devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and computers. Sky Go Extra, an enhanced version with offline viewing capabilities, incurs an additional fee; however, it is complimentary for Sky Multiscreen customers.

New Zealand subscribers to Sky TV benefit from a different pricing model, as Sky Go is included at no extra cost to their Sky TV subscription. This inclusive approach allows New Zealand viewers to access Sky Go’s content without incurring an additional financial commitment.

Can I watch UEFA Euro on NOW TV

NOW, the digital gateway offered by Sky Italia, is a streaming marvel that liberates users from the constraints of satellite or cable subscriptions.

NOW TV entices viewers with a palette of pricing packages, tailored to suit an array of preferences. The Day Membership, a fleeting yet compelling offer at £11.99, grants 24-hour access, perfect for those fleeting bursts of entertainment.

Meanwhile, the Monthly Membership beckons at £34.99 per month, a more committed alliance for enthusiasts seeking a continuous stream of diverse content. For the fervent sports aficionados, the Sky Sports Mobile Membership emerges as a specialized key, unlocking access to specific channels curated for an immersive sports-centric experience.

The enigma that shrouds NOW TV’s broadcast plans for UEFA Euro 2024 adds an element of anticipation. However, Sky Italia’s recent triumph in securing rights for UEFA Champions League matches from 2024 to 2027 stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to top-tier sports content. This declaration positions NOW TV as a prospective sanctuary for those seeking a live sports streaming haven, an arena where the prowess of football and other sporting spectacles might unfold.


In summary, live streaming UEFA Euro 2024 in Italy offers a variety of enticing options catering to different preferences. Sky Go Italia, known for its comprehensive coverage, stands out for existing Sky subscribers. RAI Play, RAI’s digital platform, provides free access and an immersive experience.

NOW TV, offering Sky’s content without a traditional subscription, adds versatility to the mix. Whether opting for Sky Go Italia’s extensive coverage, RAI Play’s accessibility, or NOW TV’s flexibility, Italian viewers have diverse choices to enjoy the excitement of UEFA Euro 2024 from their preferred digital platforms.

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