A0 2024 Trophy Unveiled, Louis Vuitton to Design the Cases

Before big sports trophies get lifted in the air, they need a cool place to stay. Louis Vuitton, a fancy brand, is known for making special homes for trophies from famous sports events. Now, they’re the official makers of trophy boxes for the 2024 Australian Open.

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This means they created two special boxes for the main prizes: the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup for men and the Daphne Adkurst Memorial Cup for women. Let’s take a peek into the fancy homes for these trophies!

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The Trophy Homes

Louis Vuitton made these boxes with lots of care. They used their famous pattern with the LV letters. The inside is a deep blue color to match the Australian Open’s blue courts. The outside has a big white “V” for victory. These boxes are like a celebration of winning, and they show off the style of Louis Vuitton.

A Fancy Tradition

Louis Vuitton has a history of making trophy homes for big events like the FIFA World Cup and the NBA Finals. Now, they’re adding the Australian Open to their list. The trophy boxes they make are like pieces of art, and this collaboration makes the tournament even more special.

Showing Off in Australia

These special trophy boxes will be in Melbourne during the women’s and men’s finals on January 27 and 28. They’ll be part of the prize-giving ceremonies, showing everyone how cool they are. The head of Louis Vuitton, Pietro Beccari, is very proud of this partnership. He says that “Victory travels in Louis Vuitton.”

Final Worlds

As the 2024 Australian Open gets exciting, these special trophy boxes by Louis Vuitton add extra style to the event. They’re not just boxes; they’re like special houses for the trophies that celebrate winning. Louis Vuitton’s special touch makes these boxes travel with the spirit of victory.

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